Ranger Bill

Ranger Bill

Ranger Bill was a Christian radio adventure serial, and aimed at the younger generation. This turned out to be one of the most successful radio broadcasts, and with an amazing longevity of over twelve years. The very first fifteen minute episode was aired on October 2, 1950, but this later changed to a half hour episode, beginning May 14, 1954 and running right through until 1962.

Hear the exciting introduction again for the first time in many years, you'll get goosebumps when all of the memories of being a young kid come flooding back! Here's how it went...

"Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, struggling against extreme odds, traveling dangerous trails, showing rare courage in the face of disaster, in the air, on horseback, or in a screaming squad car. Ranger Bill, his mind alert, a ready smile, unswerving, loyal to his mission. And all this in exchange for the satisfaction and pride of a job well done."

Although it does stress positive Christian values throughout, I don't feel that these are particularly 'in-your-face' - the adventure stories were a real thrill for young people.

Starring Miron Canaday, the series follows the adventures of Bill Jefferson, the chief forest ranger of Knotty Pine in the Rocky Mountains. Bill and his friends were tasked with many different adventures, crimes to solve, cattle rustlers, prisoners and all manner of animals and beasts, from cats and dogs to snakes, elephants and an abominable snow man!

Cast: Miron Canaday
Director: Charles Christensen, Jim Grant
Writer: Charles Erkhart, John Rowan
Sound Effects: John McCombe


Oil Well aka Ashbys Folly

Miles Ashby is struggling. He's been drilling for oil, but he hasn't struck anything and now the bank won't loan him any more money with no warning. He can't pay his workers, and without the oil he can't pay back the bank. On the surface it looks like bad luck, but is it a coincidence that there's a shark circling who wants to buy the land and all of the 'worthless' drilling equipment...[Tap Here]


Rules aka The Runaway Boy

After tidying Norman's room over and over again, his mom has made the decision to toughen up and make a new rule. From now on, he must keep the room tidy, and to ensure he knows how serious she is about it, Norman has been grounded. He has to stay in his nice tidy and clean room all day today so that he can get used to how it feels. But Norman thinks his mom is being too strict...[Tap Here]


The Pig

Tangerine the pig is the very special, and very loved pig of siblings Jody and Jill. Things have been going pretty poorly at their parent's farm, and they're relying on Tangerine winning them the top prize in the contest tomorrow, which comes with lots of prize money...[Tap Here]


Rabies Scare aka In Shape

Two Christian young men have conflicting ideas about what kind of physical condition young Christian fellows should be in. You'll be able to draw your own conclusions after you hear today's story...[Tap Here]


Marty Patton's Piano

Marty Patton's parents have a piano delivered to their top floor apartment, which causes no end of noise pollution to the other tenants in the block. However, nobody complains...[Tap Here]


Henry's Crisis Of Faith

When Henry saw Harvey from across the street he could hardly believe his eyes. He hasn't seen him for at least two years, since he went away to college. He is studying botany there, and since Henry's boys club are going on an all-day hike on Saturday, he wants Harvey to go with them, because he might be able to share some of his knowledge of nature. [Tap Here]


Reckless Driver

Have you ever known people who somehow were always in hot water? Nothing serious, but they're just a little on the daring side - and perhaps think after it's too late? Some folks call them foolhardy, others call them a nuisance. Nevertheless, it seems that this type of individual pulls one hair brained stunt after another - and that's a perfect description of Norman Marks...(Tap Here)


Mystery Island

Vacations are supposed to be fun. Many people travel to far away places they've never been before, some visit relatives, while others go to the nearest lake, pitch a tent and enjoy the beauty of nature. That's exactly what Stumpy, Mary Lou, Henry and Bill did - but on the first night Mary-Lou wakes Henry as she's frightened. For a little while now, she's been able to hear a strange sound. Henry's not much comfort, and is just as frightened, so they wake Bill... [Tap Here]


Elizabeth And The Stranger

Carol got her senior woodsman badge at camp, and has decided to take an overnight hike, all alone to the edge of the forest. She's planning to leave right after her babysitting duties are over, but she doesn't realize that the little girl she is looking after, intends to follow her. Unfortunately, little Elizabeth gets lost in the forest, and stumbles across a stranger with sinister motives. A good lesson for children on how they should act around strangers. [Tap Here]


Bill Gets Lost In A Cavern

The folk of Knotty Pine are having a town meeting, and Ranger Bill has a few words to say to everyone. Except he's not there. Well, he is, but he wants to demonstrate another way to communicate. He's talking about a new piece of equipment which is to be adopted into use by the Rangers. It's a transistor walkie-talkie, and Bill will soon be glad of his! [Tap Here]


Crazy Man Comes Back

Henry's shocked by how much is changing in Knotty Pine every week - it's getting more like a big city! There's been a population explosion in the world, and Henry's worried that there won't be enough land for all of the new buildings...[Tap Here]


The 25th Man

Ranger Bill has received an important message from Washington, so he instructs Henry to acknowledge receipt of the message, and then make at least fifty copies, whilst Grey Wolf and Stumpy need to prepare envelopes to every ranger in this district, along with a register for each ranger who receives it. [Tap Here]


Cotton And Candy

Bill has arrived at the ranger station, and he's got a job which he thinks Henry can handle. He's brought a little bunny, which he found out the back. It looks like the bunny's leg may be in bad shape, which likely came from something falling on him. Anyhow, Bill thinks that Henry might be able to nurse him back to health...[Tap Here]


Glacier Cave-In

The frontiers of exploration aren't closed today. We often think that they are, but the truth of the matter is, there are still many new explorations to be made. Some through a microscope, some with a satellite exploring the heavens, some with a deep sea diving bell, and others right here on the good old, solid earth. Yes, the surface of the earth has many places still to be explored... [Tap Here]


Mad Bear

Henry, Ronnie and the boys are having their meeting in a classroom today, thanks to Sam opening up for them. He asks them to make sure they don't make a mess, and leave the place as they found it. Next week, they agree they'll do the same, but will also to do a nature study, and Ronnie's idea is to bring a bear...[Tap Here]

Trouble In The Tunnel 13

Knotty Pine Mine has employed a new foreman, Randy, and his first job is to head up the crew down in Tunnel 13. The trouble is, the lab men have been running tests and it looks as though Tunnel 13 is going through a bit of a sandy patch, which could compromise the safety of the tunnels... [Tap Here]


Cliff Rescue

Champion mountain climber Keith pops by the Ranger station to ask Bill about the weather forecast and conditions for climbing Mount Evergreen, as he's intending on his whole family taking on the challenge - including Timmy, his eight-year-old son...[Tap Here]


The Fisher Man And The Firebug

Do you know what a fire bug is? Well it's a person who likes to start fires, because there's something wrong in his mind that makes him want to see things burn - and it looked for a time that the village of Knotty Pine and the surrounding countryside might be plagued by one of those persons...[Tap Here]



The River Giant

As chief ranger, Bill likes to keep right up to date with everything that goes on, and he gets a lot of appreciated help from his friends. One of these friends is Ted Coates, who owns and runs the barge line on the Shady river. The Shady river is becoming more important every year as a main line for freight - especially since there's so much national defense effort going on in the district, with Uncle Sam making giant underground facilities, which nobody is at liberty to discuss...[Tap Here]


Trestle Ice Jam

 Each season of the year brings special problems for the rangers, and fortunately the problems are the same each year, with each season. This is the restless time of the year, for both man and beast. The end of the year is in sight, and the promise of spring gives birth to what we call spring fever. A few mild days here and there cause other things to stir and surge as well, and this causes a headache for the rangers...[Tap Here]



Forest Fire

There's a fire tower out in the wilderness, which is used by the rangers as a lookout. If you climb to the very top, you can see for miles around - but right now, Ranger Bill has given orders that the forest needs to be closed down. They need to increase the humidity in the forest - otherwise there's the risk of a forest fire...[Tap Here]


Full Sails

Ranger Bill is on a special assignment, which is taking him on a flight to San Francisco. He's assigned a seat next to a heart surgeon. The doctor is on his way to an unusual case, and its essential he gets to the patient today, as the patient is in such condition that to wait could be fatal. [Tap Here]


A Need for Excitement

To be a Ranger, you must have graduated college first. But being a ranger isn't all that Johnny thought it would be - when all he's doing is riding horseback seven days a week. Johnny is discouraged with his job as a ranger, and his wife, Janey, knows that. They haven't seen a single other soul for three months now - until today, when Stumpy arrives! [Tap Here]


They Killed Ranger Bill

Brrrrr... It's a little chilly outside today. In fact, it's eighteen below out there, and so Freddie has decided he wants everyone from the ranger station to go ice fishing with him today...[Tap Here]


Tongues Of Fire

Have you ever heard the expression, "There's a man's man". I'm sure you have. In Ranger Bill's mind, every time he hears those words, it brings back memories of one particular man - Frenchy De Sal - 325lb of steel bands for muscles, standing 6ft 7 inches, hard as granite, tough as nails, strong as a bull buffalo - and with a heart as big as the whole outdoors...Tap Here


Vacation Cruise Island

Bill and Stumpy are on a flight for a two week vacation - a nice quiet cruise around the Caribbean...Tap Here


Rattle Snake Sam

Jack has come to Ranger headquarters today, looking for some excitement, but Bill assures him that there's not a thing happening around here right now... No sooner are the words out, when two strangers arrive at the headquarters with a request for permission to go rattlesnake hunting, as they catch poisonous snakes and then sell them to the Florida Springs Reptile Institute. Maybe today will be exciting after all... [Tap Here]


Henry's Bus Trip


Henry has been away for quite some time now, and after his long bus trip, Bill is certain he'll be glad to get back to Knotty Pine. That's if the long bus ride ever ends! Luckily, he's made a few friends... [Tap Here]




Christmas Program with Bill Pearce

Henry and his boy's club are putting on a Christmas pageant, and have even been given permission to use the school's auditorium. In the post this morning, there was even more exciting news, after Wally received a letter from Bill Pearce confirming that he will be there to sing in the Christmas program...[Tap Here]


The Seeing Eye Dog

Henry hasn't given up on the idea of fighting fires with the rangers, much to Stumpy's dismay. He's even more upset that Bill appears to encourage Henry's passion. But Bill has seen Henry during their drills, and he's quick at picking up the ideas and methods. Stumpy, however, knows that drills and fires are two very different things...[Tap Here]


The Monkey Chase

Bill and the rangers are heading for real danger this time, but this is a different kind of danger. The terror is small, so small it can't be seen with the naked eye! It's bacteria - minute in size, but deadly in effect. There are three monkey's in the story too, who have all developed a case of the influenza, for the purpose of vaccination testing. [Tap Here]


The Man Of The House

How would you feel if you didn't have a home? How would you feel if your father and mother were suddenly taken away to be with the Lord? Do you think you could adjust yourself to the life of living in an orphanage? These are some pretty serious questions, but they're the questions Jerry Quinn had to face early in his young life. Could he overcome these problems? Listen to today's story to find out!

[Tap Here]


Richard And God

One of the many thrills Bill always gets when flying, is to observe the wonders of the heavens which God created. Many people don't understand this, and Henry's cousin, Richard, couldn't understand how God is able to be everywhere at once. He learned - but it was through disobedience! Tap Here.


Death On The Waterfront

Knotty Pine has had growing pains - any town does when its population begins to mushroom. One of the problems which arose, is the fact that the growth of new areas made the officials in the city forget about some of the parts of town that had been around for a long time. The story today is centered around the warehouse district down by the river - little used by river traffic - but still used by trucking concerns who need large storage spaces... [Tap]


Danger Gasoline Leak

The town of Knotty Pine is threatened with a grave danger, and this danger is so great that it could blow half the town off the map, and kill and injure hundreds of people. It's not a tornado or earthquake, it's not a flood, or a freight car loaded with ammunition. It's not a great fire, or an airplane out of control. So, what is this great danger which threatens life and property of almost every citizen in Knotty Pine? [Tap Here]


River Monster

When Spring comes it means lots of work for the Rangers. It's all day from sun up to sun down, and sometimes far into the night, as the Rangers work to guard the public lands. Each Spring, Ranger Bill gets especially concerned because the river rises high with water from melting snow coming down from the mountains, and it becomes a threat to the town of River's Bend. But one year, there was a new threat...[Tap Here]


One Man Mountain Lion

Grey Wolf s usually very quiet and reserved, and never has much to say. However, that doesn't mean he's asleep - far from it! His trained eyes see things that most of us miss, and he has a mental alertness that's the envy of everyone that knows him. But in this story, he doesn't stand a chance!

[Tap Here]


The Fallout Shelter

Henry's daily prayers before dinner are getting much better as each day goes by. With the threat of being bombed weighing on everyone's minds, it has maybe put some things into perspective, and folks are becoming more appreciative of how lucky they actually are...[Tap Here]


The Raging Rapids

Ranger Bill recalls a story from a couple of summers ago. It began at camp where they had been for a week, and the plan was to go on a canoe trip - which was to be the first canoe trip for many of them... [Tap Here]


The New Ranger

Each year after graduation exercises at Ranger School, the class is divided between ranger districts, and the men are sent to their respected areas, with orders to report to the chief ranger. Soon after, one of the new recruits, Corey Windsor, decides to quit the ranger service, and there's nothing that Bill can do to change his mind. He's just a frustrated young man who needs direction and help, but the young ranger won't let Bill help him...[Tap Here]

Typhoid Fever at Stormy Point

Sometimes doctors pick strange places to practice. For instance, Bruce Hummer, who has his office in the village of Storm Point, located way up in the Dexter Mountains, in the middle of nowhere. In many respects, the people of Storm Point are very superstitious and backward, living isolated from the world except during the midsummer months when the ice and snow is melted enough to allow free travel... Tap Here



The Boy and The Bomb

Have you ever thought about being an inventor? This story is about a young fellow whose father is an inventor of secret timing devices for delayed-action bombs. Only young Jim gets himself involved with one of these bombs... Tap Here



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