Old Time Christian Radio

Old Time Christian Radio
Anyone who loves the wonderful old-time radio shows of the 1930s, 40s and 50s will enjoy our collection of old-time Christian radio shows. Shows like Family Theater, Ranger Bill, The Bible Comes Alive, and more!

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Ranger Bill

"Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, struggling against extreme odds, traveling dangerous trails, showing rare courage in the face of disaster, in the air, on horseback, or in a screaming squad car. Ranger Bill, his mind alert, a ready smile, unswerving, loyal to his mission. And all this in exchange for the satisfaction and pride of a job well done." (Tap Here)


Family Theater

Family Theater was a Catholic program created to promote family unity and each week saw a drama illustrating the importance of family life and prayer. (Tap Here)

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The Ave Maria Hour

The Ave Maria Hour, a Catholic program produced in cooperation with the Greymoor Friars in Garrison, NY. The program featured stories from the Life of Christ and the Saints. (Tap Here)


The Bible Comes Alive

Bible stories that begin with Adam & Eve and continue through the New Testament. Each episode is 30 minutes and is narrated by Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue. (Tap Here)