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This Month in April

National Radio Day is approaching on Tuesday, August 20. and to celebrate, VIE Catholic Radio is doing a weeks worth of special programming, August 19th through the 24th that is dedicated to celebrating and remembering Catholic radio programs that either went off the air or changed their format over the years. Not only radio programs but we will remember the Saints of the past who proclaimed the gospel...even before there was a radio!

Radio Programs that are being highlighted the week of the 19th of August include:

Sunday Sermon:

You can listen to five Sunday Sermons, including one by Saint Alphonsus, and Saint John Vianney each day that could cause permanent life changes by stepping on your toes!

Life Is Worth Living:

Fulton Sheen's renowned and inspiring television series was watched by millions of viewers from all walks of life and every religious belief. His timeless insights give wise, personal and inspiring guidance on the problems affecting our lives in today’s world. His talks cover an amazing variety of subjects, from the character of the Irish to the handling of teenagers. He discusses education, Christianity, relativity, and world affairs. He speaks about love, conscience, fear, motherhood, work. He tells amusing anecdotes, recites poetry, and ponders the fate of the free world as well as America’s destiny.

Fulton Sheen's Catechism: a 50 part series on the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church recorded in 1965 in the privacy of his own study. This Catechism program is truly priceless! Fulton Sheen's captivating voice and message comes through loud and clear, even for today.

Family Theater:

Family Theater is a dramatic radio show which was produced by Family Theater Productions, a film and radio studio extension of the Family Rosary Crusade founded by the Holy Cross Priest, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, as a way to promote family prayer. The motto of Holy Cross Family Ministries is "The family that prays together stays together."

The Bible Comes Alive:

Your Story Hour produces family-friendly radio dramas based on the Bible, historical heroes, and true-to-life adventures. Our stories--brought to life by talented voice actors, descriptive sound effects and compelling music--teach Christian values, positive character traits and principles for good decision-making.

Ranger Bill:

Ranger Bill is a Christian radio program from the 1950s. Ranger Bill stars Miron Canaday as the title character and Stumpy Jenkins. And Ed Ronne Sr. as Grey Wolf. The main character, Ranger Bill, is a forest ranger located in the town of Knotty Pine along the Rocky Mountains. The show describes the various tales of the adventures of Ranger Bill and his friends

Father Charles Coughlin:

In today's America, Father Coughlin would be considered somewhat of a paradox. Although many of his estimations – such as fiscal irresponsibility causing the Great Depression – have been deemed by history as accurate, his unwavering faith in God and the Catholic religion would work to make him a social pariah whom no one would take seriously when voicing political advice.

The bygone era in which Coughlin's voice was heard the clearest seems thousands of years removed from modern society, yet remains so close you can almost hear the cries of war and hunger if you choose to listen carefully.

There will never be another Father Coughlin in America, or the entire world. His is a long-dead voice in a free country, rarely resurrected by those who wish to harness the power of his commitment and dedication.

Keys To The Kingdom:

This is the story of a man who served God in the way God wishes to be served, with humility. Of necessity this is a short story of a long, full life, a vision in to the heart of a priest swiftly blurring. In the eyes of God this man might be a saint, in the eye of the church memory of his work might not survive his modest epitaph but in the hearts of some men there was the certainty that he’d receive the keys to the kingdom of heaven...

The Greatest Story Ever Told:

Throughout the tumult of two thousand years a story has lived, a story of a man whose influence was widespread, whose life affected many people then and now. Many people called him the master, his friends worshipped him, and his enemy feared him. From a humble beginning to a world shaking end the greatest life ever lived has come down through the centuries as the greatest story ever told. Such was the effect of The Greatest Story Ever Told that during its first year on the air it won many awards and was enthusiastically received by clergy men of all denominations.

This religious drama is filled with compassion and significance as it tells the story of the life of Jesus and was undoubtedly ambitious for its time, having a full orchestra as well as a sixteen-voice chorus.

Father Flanagan Boys Town:

Have you ever met a really bad boy? You may think you have, but I'll wager you've never met any like the fire breathing little demon like in our story tonight. That's Eddie. In the opposite corner is a tall, grey haired man who has spent a lifetime believing that there is some good in everybody. That's Father Flanagan. Then he meets Eddie... It's one of the greatest stories you've ever heard.

Hour of St. Francis:

“The Hour of St. Francis” is a radio program that began in December of 1946 and continued through the 1950s. Each fifteen minute episode presented a dramatic story — often a “modern day parable” which looked at a moral issue or a particular virtue. The Hour, sponsored by the Third Order of St. Francis, was founded on the belief that sound Catholic teaching and religious inspiration can be combined with entertainment. It was the project of Fr. Hugh Noonan, O.F.M., of St. Joseph’s Church in Los Angeles. He wanted stories that tackled practical problems of modern men and women.

Eternal Joan:

The Eternal Joan is CBS Radio Theater’s adaptation for radio of the story of Joan of Arc. Joan D’Arc, a young peasant girl not yet 19 years old was burnt at the stake in the French city of Orléans on the 30th May 1431 by the English occupation in France for her part in the fight against the English occupation of France. She claimed that the voice of God was instructing her to take charge of her country’s army and lead it to victory. In 1456 she was cleared of all the accusations against her and several hundred years later in 1920 she was officially declared a saint.

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