Family Theater

Family Theater
Family Theater was a program created to promote family unity and each week saw a drama illustrating the importance of family life and prayer. The main reason for the success of this series was undoubtedly due to the numerous Hollywood stars that participated. 
Cast: Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Shirley Temple
Director: Fred MacKaye, Dave Young, Joseph Mansfield, Richard Sanville, Jaime del Valle, Mel Williamson, Robert O’Sullivan, John Kelley
Producer: Father Patrick Peyton, Bob Longenecker
Host: Father Patrick Peyton
Writer: True Boardman , Father Patrick Peyton
Announcer: Tony LaFrano





Wally is a famous actor in an industry that depends on publicity but who prefers to keep his past life to himself. For the past ten years he has been carrying the burden of a crime he may have committed that wasn't his fault. when the fan magazine keep hounding him for information about his time before he became an actor he confesses his crime to his director. [Tap Here]


The Spy

Captain Nelson has worked for the CIC for just over a year when he is interviewing a man named Jones. Captain Nelson thinks that Mr Jones is a little old for the corps but then discovers that "Jones" is already in the CIC and his real name is Eric Softly. He also learns that Eric Softly is about to go on assignment with him in East Berlin. [Tap Here]



You can never know what goes on in a person's life until you take the time to know a person.

Host Bing Crosby finishes the show with this much of which, is pretty relevant today some sixty plus years hence: "Our nation is sadly in need of a rebirth to the simple life a return to the days when God was a part of each household and families arose each morning with a prayer on their lips. And they ended the day gathered together to place themselves in his care. If there's a hope for the future of America, if there's to be peace and happiness in our homes then we as a nation have got to return to God and to the practice of daily family prayer. Families that pray together, stay together." [Tap Here]

dog1.pngGrandpa's Marvelous X-Ray

Grandpa Joe and his little great grandson Joe Joe, spend the afternoon in the park where Grandpa plays cribbage with his friends. It seems he can’t win for losing; his two friends seem to always be lucky. On the way home they watch a dog outside a shop, which seems to have x-ray vision barking before a person would come out of the shop. They feed him a little meat and he follows them home. Mother agrees to let them keep him for one day to see how it works out and because of his amazing skill grandpa decides to call him X-ray. Grandpa decides to teach the dog a trick so that he can win over his friends in the park. [Tap Here]


Nightmare At Noon

The central incident in the story you are about to hear actually took place. The time and the location are authentic but this is not true of the people involved, every one of them is a fictional character.

The things that made it, that created the nightmare took shape slowly that morning at widely separated points. At 10:45 a jet interceptor carrying two people took off to make a routine check of its radar equipment. Thirty minutes earlier at forty-five miles to the south a plane left the Santa Monica airport. By 11:15 both planes each unaware of the other crashed midair and landed in a field near a school. This story tells the anguish of two parents whose young daughter goes to that school. [Tap Here]



A Shot In The Dark

The young man is a new soldier for the confederacy full of bravado and is afraid that the war will end before he even fires a shot. He is intent on going out and shooting himself a Yankee but when he does, he regrets it straight away afraid he has killed a man. He comes to realize that he is not a soldier after all but at the same time he has gone from being a child to being a man because in saving the mans life he was willing to do what he knew was right in spite of what it might cost. [Tap Here]


Fairy Tale

"Little Red Riding Hood, the good wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother all laughed and laughed, and then like the fine friends they were, sat down to enjoy the biscuits and apple jelly that Red Riding Hood had brought from home." That doesn't sound like the old fairy stories we're familiar with, does it? Well that's because Leo Randall has taken many of the old tales of horror and violence, and retold them. The problem is, although Mrs Oakmont loves them - his publisher, Wilbur Hafflinger, does not! (Tap Here)


Cow Town

Five years ago in desperate need for money Clint Tag committed a crime and his friend sheriff Ellis Yeager had no choice but to arrest him. Now after serving his time in jail Clint is returning home to his wife but with revenge on his mind he intends to kill the sheriff. 

Of course this is Family Theater so you can expect a humbling wholesome finale. My favorite kind! [Tap Here]



It has been a life long dream of Joe Hunter's to live on a farm and as he is about to retire his wife Effie thinks that now is the time they should fulfill his dream and retire to a farm. 

Their daughter is settled with two kids in Chicago and their son Peter has a job as a salesman and is married with a baby.  But just as it seems their children are no longer dependent upon them Peter and his wife and child, needing help, come back to live with them. 

Joe has never been able to refuse helping out his family even at the cost of his own dreams. [Tap Here]



This is a story of one mans pride being put above his family then how friendship, trust, love, humility and prayer conquer all. [Tap Here]


The Thin Red Line

At war in Japan when news commentator Dan Coleman raises his head above the sandbags he encounters gunfire which renders him blind. The doctors don't know if they can save his vision and he has to learn to get along with only minimal use of his eyes. [Tap Here]


Wind Is No Gentleman

Avery Macklemore tells his story which is mighty strange. It's the story of the Big Calm when the winds stopped blowing but it actually started long ago when Miss Keating was a little girl. Mr Macklemore has known her for twelve years since he was at he boarding house and she would tell him the story of how the wind had plagued her all her life. [Tap Here]



Flight From Home

Jim Mathews cannot forgive himself for his selfish pride and flees from his home and family though his wife had long forgiven him and always loved him....[Tap Here]



The Victim

Daniel Jenkins and his wife Mary were always arguing, each trying to be unselfish and so make the other look bad. 

When their retired policeman father who lived with them decided he wanted to go back to work as a traffic policeman and move out of their home they were not happy, worried that the neighbors would think badly of them. Father decides he is going to take up the offer of the job anyway as he feels he still has a lot to give to the force and he hopes his son and daughter-in-law will get along better without him in their home. 

When the jewelry shop where Daniel works is held up by an armed robber and his father is the policeman that attends, Daniel learns that his father is a better than average policeman and he finally takes some advice from his father. [Tap Here]


Ten O'Clock Scholar

In this comedy twelve  year old Virginia Newman won't go to school except on her own terms. She turns up once every four weeks to take examinations and passes them all. She has gone through four truant officers already and Judith Butler is the latest. Miss Butler decides to go to Virginia's home where she lives with her widowed journalist father to find out why she wont come to school only to find Ginny Newman is running a successful business from home! [Tap Here]


Profile of a Hero

Daniel Osborne a journalist from the Daily News wants to interview Slim Weston who lost a leg in the war. Slim accuses the journalist of being guilty of the crime of wanting to tell about bravery and the actions of a soldier above the call of duty.

 It makes Slim mad as when the papers do that they glamorize something that has about as much right to glamor as the bubonic plague. Slim gives Osborne a real picture of the battlefield complete with the smell of death a place like what it is, a place for dying. Slim tells the tale of how he enlisted for the Korean War as a seventeen year old simply trying to impress the girls.

Once enlisted the first lesson was how to stay alive. [Tap Here]


The Lady With The Lamp

Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 in Florence Italy while her parents like so many well to do English people at that time were touring Europe. This is her story narrated by Robert Ryan with Jane Wyatt playing the leading role of the famous nurse known affectionately as the lady with the lamp and whose drive and courage was a powerful force in building the great profession of nursing. [Tap Here]


Citizens Arrest

An armed robbery takes place at a small grocery store... as told from three points of view. A "Rashomon" type story, with a strange ending. [Tap Here]


Song For A Long Road

Joyce Kilmer was an American writer and poet, whose works celebrated the common beauty of the natural world, as well as his Roman Catholic religious faith. He was happily married to Aline Murray, also an accomplished poet and author, and this is their story.

[Tap Here]




The Apt Mister Willis

When Henry asks his secretary, Mildred, to marry him, he's rather taken aback by her immediate refusal. In his mind, he's taken her on several dates, and at nearly forty years old himself, it is the natural course of their relationship to get married. Whereas for twenty-nine-year-old Mildred, she's been looking for romance, to feel wanted, loved, and be swept off her feet - something she's never had from stuffy Henry! With his ego bruised, can Mildred challenge him to 'up his game' across every aspect of his life? [Tap Here]



Most executive producers speak only to other producers - but Harry Moyles had been a screenwriter himself years before, so recently employed Tom, was more flattered than surprised when his secretary requested a meeting with him. Harry wants Tom to work on some unfinished work created by a late writer called Phil Morrison. But Tom is a little suspicious of a strange coincidence surrounding Morrison's death, because one of the characters of an unfinished story that he and Harry Moyles had been working on, was a novelist who was burned to death when his car went over a cliff. Exactly the same way Morrison had met his own death...[Tap Here]


After The Ball

Annie's uncle is about to leave on a dangerous assignment the following day, in a Greyhound bus they have shielded with lead to try and protect them from the radiation. Life changed quickly in the country after atomic war broke out, but Annie's never heard the story of what actually happened on that fateful day - until she manages to persuade her Uncle Will to tell her. [Tap Here]


Other Sheep

If you're fortunate enough to have a clear night, you'll see the stars. This time when you look out, try to look a little longer and think of them for what they really are. Then there's another kind of star - not the kind that you'd ever see from your front porch, or even with a telescope, because it gives no light. Our story is about such a star, and about four men and a woman who visited it, one hundred years in the future...[Tap Here]


Wanted! One Baby

This is the story of Joe Stanley Page and his wife Betty who had been married four years and they wanted a child. On the 1st of June that summer there was excitement in the air when Betty felt that she was pregnant...Tap Here


The Future Is Yours

Grace is an average American mother who likes to think of herself as up-to-date. She has kept in touch with some of the latest styles when they could afford it, did a little reading once in a while and felt that the easiest thing in the world was to bring up their children on the simple principle that right is right and wrong is wrong. She never dreamed that a day was to come when she’d be put to a severe test...Tap Here


God And A Red Scooter

A grape grower worries about his first harvest. Failure teaches him that there are more important harvests to be gathered and that prayer might help. [Tap Here]


Juggler of Our Lady

A poor juggler of old France gives the mother of Christ the only present he can. With John Charles Thomas baritone and celebrated story teller John Nesbit collaborating in words and music, they present a story which has become a traditional part of the Christmas season in America. [Tap Here]


The First Morning

It started very slowly, very naturally, as you would expect when you're waiting after midnight for a son or daughter who is out too late. At first, they are just overdue. Then after an hour or so, when they really are late, you start making mental lectures to them, until the second hour, and then the third has passed. Then, all very slowly, very naturally, you discover you have stopped making mental lectures, because you aren't peeved or impatient any longer. You're just scared...[Tap Here]


Me For You

Carol has been badgering Phil to ask his boss, Mr Green, for a raise at work. However, Phil is less keen to rock the boat, since he knows that if Mr Green says no, he will have no choice but to quit, since how can he stay, if Mr Green doesn't feel he's worth as much as he thinks. It's not a huge raise - just $10 a week, but it will help to stop the engaged couple beginning married life in debt...[Tap Here]


Thinking Makes It So

Since the day John Bender inherited five million dollars from an uncle who he had never even met, he's become convinced that he's been cursed. Since he received the money five days ago, he's wrecked his car, his late uncle's housekeeper is trying to get him committed to an asylum, he stepped in front of a motorcycle policeman and was run over, and this morning his house caught on fire. It's a remarkable series of coincidences! [Tap]


The Perfect Wife

Emily Turner is a perfect wife to her husband Harry and her house is always in a model state Emily takes so much pride in cooking and cleaning. When Margaret Brandon comes to work with Harry Turner Emily finally comes to realize that she has lost her perspective on life. She comes to understand that her chores are just a means to making her family comfortable and happy and not an end to themselves. [Tap Here]


First Law Of The Jungle

Frank Gibbons has been a cop for eight years, and Bill Tyler has been a cop for just over two months, and so when Frank accepts a bribe from a man who is speeding, rather than giving him a ticket, Bill is really torn about the morality of the situation...[Tap Here]


The McCoy

Before going out to dinner, US newspaper man, Paul left word with the concierge that if Alfred Spencer called, he could be reached at the Parisian restaurant any time before 9:30pm, or back at his rooms any time after that. Eleven years had passed since the two had seen one another, and in his heart, Paul was hoping that Spencer wouldn't call at all. But Spencer wanted to sell Paul a painting, and it's a painting that Paul wanted very much...[Tap Here]



Jerry Keith has gone and made it. He really does have it all - a nine-room ranch-style house up in the hills with a patio and a pool, a beautiful wife, Gloria, and security too - 39 half hour TV films in the can, plus a renewal option for many more. And in the past two quick years of success, Jerry has learned and put into practice the hardest lesson show business has to teach - the exact price of everything...[Tap Here]


Slap In The Face

At the central high school, Mrs Wiley, with tears of anger welling in her eyes, stands outside the classroom the well-built boy of fifteen years old, Jack Terry, has just stormed from, holding his hand to his face. He runs along the corridor and down the stairs, heading to the glass-enclosed offices at the front of the school building, where he intends to put in a complaint about Mrs Wiley to the principal, for allegedly assaulting him...[Tap Here]


Ladies Man

Jim is the only man in his family, and feels like he's just surrounded by women all the time. All he wants to do is go fishing, and he even cancels the holiday his wife and two daughters have been looking forward to in Mexico. However, instead of the reaction he's expecting, they wish him a great time fishing, and are even waving and smiling when he leaves - so now he feels guilty. [Tap Here]


Hound Of Heaven

Broadcast: October 2, 1947

Francis Thompson was a writer who fell upon hard times. Then through the kindness of a complete stranger, an outcast much like himself, the healing of Francis Thompson began. To him, this girl gave up the little she had; food, clothing and encouragement, but more than that, an ease from loneliness. To her, he gave things unknown in her life; tenderness and reverence and respect. Then at last, Francis Thompson began to write. [Tap Here]

Six Of One

Broadcast: August 1, 1956

Uncle Harley has finally retired from the mail service, and is leaving to go fishing at Eagle Lake shortly. However, his good friend, George, has got him a deal he's not sure he can refuse. He wants Harley to invest $125 in some priceless oriental rugs, which George bought for $250 in an auction. He's going to spread word around that they're worth $500 each, and he's expecting the phone to start ringing off the hook from folks wanting to buy them. Harley's job is to answer those calls, and take the best offer... (Tap Here)


Greg has a new project breaking at the office, and they have hired a new copywriter called Sylvia Manners. She appears to be almost too good to be true, and at the first mention of her name, Greg's wife feels a strange uneasiness...Tap Here

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