Family Theater

Family Theater
Family Theater was a program created to promote family unity and each week saw a drama illustrating the importance of family life and prayer. The main reason for the success of this series was undoubtedly due to the numerous Hollywood stars that participated. 


Cast: Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Shirley Temple
Director: Fred MacKaye, Dave Young, Joseph Mansfield, Richard Sanville, Jaime del Valle, Mel Williamson, Robert O’Sullivan, John Kelley
Producer: Father Patrick Peyton, Bob Longenecker
Host: Father Patrick Peyton
Writer: Father Patrick Peyton, True Boardman
Announcer: Tony LaFrano



Hound Of Heaven

Broadcast: October 2, 1947

Francis Thompson was a writer who fell upon hard times. Then through the kindness of a complete stranger, an outcast much like himself, the healing of Francis Thompson began. To him, this girl gave up the little she had; food, clothing and encouragement, but more than that, an ease from loneliness. To her, he gave things unknown in her life; tenderness and reverence and respect. Then at last, Francis Thompson began to write. [Tap Here]

Six Of One

Broadcast: August 1, 1956

Uncle Harley has finally retired from the mail service, and is leaving to go fishing at Eagle Lake shortly. However, his good friend, George, has got him a deal he's not sure he can refuse. He wants Harley to invest $125 in some priceless oriental rugs, which George bought for $250 in an auction. He's going to spread word around that they're worth $500 each, and he's expecting the phone to start ringing off the hook from folks wanting to buy them. Harley's job is to answer those calls, and take the best offer... (Tap Here)


Greg has a new project breaking at the office, and they have hired a new copywriter called Sylvia Manners. She appears to be almost too good to be true, and at the first mention of her name, Greg's wife feels a strange uneasiness...Tap Here