Ep 10 S2 The Mexican Letter

In 1981 Archbishop Lefebvre came first to the United States to ElPaso to dedicate the SSPX Mass center there.  He then entered Mexico for a several week tour.  There is a large Traditionalist organization called Trento in Mexico.  They monitored Lefebvre's visit, although they would have nothing to do with the SSPX.  The editor of the Angeles at the time accompanied Lefebvre and prepared a three part series on the visit, which was a glowing report, beginning in February.  At the same time the head of Trento wrote up a letter about what really happened and sent a copy to a Traditionalist priest in the Houston area.  In the letter the author had asked that it not be circulated until after the SSPX had a chance to write their own story.  This priest met with some other Traditionalist priests and showed them the letter.  One priest made a thousand copies and circulated them to friends, presumably all of the world.