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stepping on toes

Listening to Sunday Sermons at could cause permanent life changes by stepping on your toes! For more information listen in at 2:30am/3:30am/4:30am/8:30am/9:30am/10:30am.
Also at 2:30pm/3:30pm/4:30pm/9:30pm/10:30pm CST

March 2018 Events


Hi friends, We at Catholic Radio are excited about all the new programs we've got going for the month of March. Let me tell you about them. We have a new line up of programing that we think you will enjoy. Starting with our Sunday schedule we have The Bible Comes Alive Program. With this program you will be taken back in time to the Old and New Testament. You will hear the sounds and wonders of each bible story as if you were right there!
Also in the line up for Sunday you can hear, "Sacred Sounds of Joy", 30 minutes of Sacred organ and Choral Music that will make you feel you are in the presence of the Choir of Angels.
Then Monday through Saturday is even more wonderful programs for your enjoyment.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can hear "Your Story Hour" True story's of real people, many of whom were teenagers, who single-handedly saved countless sailors, or who bravely carried coded messages to George Washington’s army. I think you will find your children listening on the edge of their seat.
Fridays we will head to the Appalachian mountains to hear "Friday Gospel Blue Grass" 30 minutes of toe tapping music that will bring you back to the days when life was a little simpler.
Saturday we will get our praise on with the music of "Saturday Night Alive". You will hear find yourself lifting hands toward heaven as you hear Hymns, worship songs and contemporary praise music that is loved and sung by many around the world.
And Last but not least, What is the month of March with out celebrating St. Patrick's?
Starting the first full week of March you will hear Fulton Sheens Dublin Retreat. This is One of Fulton Sheen's most inspired and compelling retreats, it is a treasure house of wisdom for priests and laity alike.
And what is St. Patrick's day with out some Celtic and Irish music to help celebrate the rich history of this fine day.
Then to top off the day we will have a 30 minute dramatized story of Saint Patrick's Life.  A testimony and example to us of How he lived for God.
We have people from all over the world that tune in to the Vie Catholic Radio network, but few contact us to tell us what they think. So I encourage you to please email us or write us with your thoughts and let us get to know you.
For everyone that contacts us we will send a free copy of the Gospel of John, a rosary and a rosary pamphlet. It will be our gift to you, thanking you for taking the time to contact us.
To get our address, or to contact us by email please go to the contact page at
And Lastly, these programs are provided for you free of charge but it does cost us money to get them out to you. We sure would appreciate any financial help that the Lord would lay on your heart to give. And of course we all ways need your prayers. Thanks for taking the time to tune in and listen. We pray that our programs will continue to be a blessing to you and your family.  

keys for kids


Keys For Kids

Igniting a passion for Christ in kids and their families.

You can hear it after the Sunday Sermon at 3:30am/9:30am/3:30pm/9:30pm


Creation Moments


Creation Moments

The Creation Moments Christian radio broadcast is a two minute program with host Ian Taylor. It is heard around the world on over 1,300 stations. They have written, recorded and broadcasted more than 1,250 scripts on current topics in creationism and scientific evidence for the Bible and the failures of evolution.

You can tune in during one of the Sunday Sermon programs.
To hear it at
2:30am/8:30am/2:30pm/8:30pm CST

life line


LifeLine Production

We have something new for you called LifeLine. LifeLine Productions produces Biblical messages for radio using humor to hold the listener. You can hear it during the Sunday Sermon programing at 3:30am/9:30am/3:30pm/9:30pm

Father Brown


New To

Father Brown!

The Adventures of Father Brown is a 1945 radio crime drama that aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System, adapted from G. K. Chesterton's stories of Father Brown.

Starting Sunday 1/14/2018 

Times: Sat-Sun 8am/5pm/11pm Central Savings Time



New From the Studios of VIE Radio, Monday Thru Friday: Lamp and Light Scripture Study.

Tune in to study along with us the Gospel of Saint Matthew. 

Program Times: 5:30am/11:30am/5:30pm/11:30pm Central standard time


catechism class


New! From the Studios of VIE Catholic Radio: A Catholic Catechism!

Taught by our very own in house Deacon. Monday through Friday at 1:00am/7:00am/1:00pm/7:00pm Central Standard Time.